Lebrina, during the Restaurant Years, its beauty & symmetry undimmed, 170 years after being built by Thomas White

This site (formerly advertising Lebrina Licensed Restaurant) and its associated blog, aims to chronicle the story of notable house, Lebrina, and aspects of the story of New Town Tasmania, of which Lebrina is an important part, historically and architecturally.

I still happily reside at Lebrina, and often ‘ramble,’ both around the eternally interesting suburb of New Town, and in my writing. This will not be rigorous history, but hopefully a good story, borrowing from historians; feel free to ‘correct’ any historical inaccuracies via the Comments. If you are a descendant of Thomas White, or Frederick Robert Seager, (Superintendent of the New Town Charitable Institution at St John’s Park, who lived at Lebrina after Thomas White’s death) or ‘friends’ of Lebrina Restaurant, in the 90’s and the ‘noughties’ through to 2020, you might discover and want to read this; but importantly, I will have told some of the Lebrina story for posterity; no-one else has or probably will.

Lebrina, the house, was built by Thomas White (see Posts for more Thomas White Biographical information), circa 1845, as his own dwelling, in which he lived, with his wife Sarah, (nee Coaton), and their 13 children, until his death in 1885. There have been few owners since then, a testament to the beauty, venerability, liveability and craftsmanship of the house, and the superiority and desirability of its prominent location in the heart of historic New Town, Tasmania.

A fine dining, a la carte restaurant operated continuously in the house from Saturday December 10th 1994 until Friday December 4th 2020, operated by the current owners of the house. I want to tell that part of Lebrina’s story that I experienced first hand, as a waiter and worker. Soon I could forget, otherwise. For the earlier parts of Lebrina’s story and aspects of of the New Town story that interest me, I talk to New Town historians but importantly seek information you’d like to share, ‘dear and knowledgeable readers,’ and ‘friends of Lebrina Restaurant.’ Please use the ‘comments box’ at the end of my Posts. I’d love to know more, especially biographical info, about The Whites & The Seagers, as it relates to Lebrina. You can also email me, steve@lebrina.com.

The life and times of Lebrina Restaurant, were a colourful and significant 26 year period in Lebrina’s history, one that introduced many restaurant patrons to the quiet charm of this gracious house and the cuisine of Scott Minervini. Although this 26 year period was much shorter than the 175 year history of the house, ultimately the restaurant’s contribution to the culinary history of Hobart will be judged to be as important as Thomas Whites’ construction of the house was to the architectural history of Hobart, New Town, Van Diemen’s Land & Tasmania.

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  1. I have put a few comments on the facebook page and will have a little dabble for you tomorrow. We live on Bruny island and have a unit (shack) at Newtown, and am a history buff, with about 40+ years of experience, so will see what I can find out for you. There are two books on Newtown old houses but I leave both at the shack, but will have a look when next in town. With what you have supplied above we should be able to put a skeleton of the history and then you can ad the flesh as we say. About each person who lived there. I have suggested Trove as a starting point and THAO for Weekly Courier and Tasmanian Mail which have real treasures, but are not indexed, so it is a long slow search. Happy to help where and when I can. Kathy

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